How to Clean Junk Files on iPhone Quickly & Safely

iphone junk filesDo you love to download every new app to your iPhone? Do you find your iPhone becomes slow in response recently? If so, it's time to refresh and clean up your iPhone.

Like computer, iPhone also keeps caches, invalid data, etc every time when we install apps or browse the web on it. They are called junk files which would most likely to cause slow down of your iPhone and swallow a lot of storage space of the iPhone as well.

To delete the redundant junk files from your iPhone and reclaim more free space, you'll need a professional iPhone data cleanup software to assist you. Here, iPhone Data Eraser is the best choice for the junk cleaning task.

This powerful iPhone clean program is specially developed to clean up the garbage for all models of iPhone, in which way it allows you free up a lot of space for your iPhone with one tap only. With iPhone Data Eraser, you are able to remove all types of junk files, including caches, invalid files, cookies, corrupt files and so on.

Now download the iPhone data clean program for free and follow the instructions below to learn how to easily delete junk files from iPhone.

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Steps to Locate and Clear Junk Files from iPhone

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

After installation, run iPhone Data Eraser on your computer. Then connect iPhone to the computer via USB.

iphone data eraser interface

Step 2. Choose "Express Cleanup" option

Click on "Express Cleanup" in the left column. Then you will see how many days have gone by since the last time your iPhone was cleaned and the storage space available on it.

choose erasing type

Step 3. Scan your iPhone for junk files

Click the "Start Scan" button to begin scanning iPhone for junk files on it.

scanning junk files

Step 4. Confirm you need to remove the junk files

To ensure that the junk files are accurately junk, click the blue file size button where you can view details of the files.

check details

Step 5. Start to delete junk files from iPhone

Click "Erase now" button to start removing the junk files on your iPhone.

start to delete junk files on iphone

Once it finish erasing, it will display the cleanup results in details as below. You can click "Done" to return to the main window or "Rescan" to scan your iPhone again.

finish erasing junk files

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